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Sarah is a warm, engaged, experienced therapist with strong compassionate skills to help you or your teen or your family create lasting positive changes. Sarah says:

"The mind is a wondrous thing. It can convince us of anything. It can make us believe we will always be in the depths of despair or it can convince us that we can reach the heights of our dreams and goals. Which would you prefer? 

All of us yearn for healthy relationships and connections that enrich our lives. Whether you are a teen or adult, whether you are married, or going through divorce, or fabulously single, we all want relationships that bring us joy and see us through difficult challenges that life inevitably brings. Life can be stressful. Sometimes traumatic. These experiences can sometimes cause ‘blocks’ that prevent us from feeling happy and confident. As a therapist, I listen with complete focus to help lead you toward a healing and energizing path removed from these possible blocks. By having positive relationships with others and most importantly with yourself, you can live that enriched and satisfying life you deserve. Let this wonderful journey begin now.

Here are areas that I can guide you though:

Teens: Independent, creative, confusing, incredible creatures that we love very much. Sometimes they are a mystery to us because we were never one, right? They are ‘child’ and then ‘adult’ and ‘back to child’ again. Today’s world brings them many challenges that we didn’t have. Social media for one. More people on the planet for another. Navigating these challenges can be a scary and confusing task. Many situations present themselves that cause our teens to feel anxiety, depression, and sometimes fear. I can help them realize their individuality - to really feel comfortable ‘in their own skin’ yet feel adept to handle peer socialization, develop healthy relationships, cope with academic challenges/pressures and even heal from past wounds. It is also essential to provide you with parental support and guidance to help your teen realize their fullest potential and strengthen the bond you have already created.

Marital/partner stability: Marriage/adult relationships are not always easy. Happily Ever After? Even Cinderella and her Prince had to contend with too many rooms in the palace and those In-Laws. Wrangling kids, finances, careers, and various life’s pressures can zap the bliss you felt when you two first met before you even realize it. Sometimes the pain of infidelity can creep in. If you and your loved one want to save your marriage/relationship, I can help you get reacquainted with the person you fell in love with and strengthen and repair the bond you forged in the beginning of your relationship.

Divorce/break-up recovery: Breaking up is immensely painful. We sometimes find it difficult to deal with that pain so we deny the healing that needs to take place. This can cause those ‘blocks’ that prevent healing and happiness as we sometimes get lost in the avoidance of our grief. Grief doesn’t have to be scary. It can feel strengthening especially with therapeutic guidance. If you want to take a courageous step in rediscovering ‘you’ and finding your path to healing and contentment, I can help you in this exciting journey.

Life transitions: Life has many transitions; childhood to adulthood, high school to college, single to married, married to parent, married to divorced, divorced to dating again, career to retirement, on and on. The next step over the horizon can seem confusing and scary rather than welcoming and exciting. Many reasons can cause us to feel these unpleasant emotions. With my guidance and support, you take the next courageous step in your life with renewed confidence and hope.

Evaluations: Go to my "Evaluations" tab under "Services" for more detailed information on how I provide evaluations for immigration applications, pre-adoptive purposes, and for juveniles in legal/Court situations. 

It all amounts to self-care. Not just a suggestion anymore. It's a necessity!" 

                                    IF YOU FELL DOWN YESTERDAY, STAND UP TODAY...H.G. WELLS

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