As a teen today, you face challenges that we never had. Social media to name one! You are at a developmentally exciting, yet often complicated and confusing time in your life. Did you know that only about 20% of teens ask for emotional help when they need it even though help is ready and available? 

My approach: 
I will engage and invite you to try different things in sessions and out in the world. I provide you with a respectful, confidential, and positive experience which will leave you feeling empowered and understood. 

No one person is the ‘whole’ problem. When you are comfortable, I also involve your parents in the process of supporting you in finding solutions whether in session or at home. Many teens commonly say that we can talk about things they can’t tell their parents or their friends. This helps to alleviate anxiety in knowing there is understanding, acceptance, support, and solutions. 

With therapeutic guidance, we will realize your goals in having healthy independence while still feeling connected to your family and peers. You will also be able to develop new communication skills, self-confidence, and find emotional balance in a supportive safe environment that will enhance your ability for happiness and joy. 

It takes courage to reach out for help - but you have it!

The “history of teenagers:”

Did you know that you, as a teenager, have only been around for a little less than a hundred years? Yes, that’s true. Up until 270,000 years ago (or however long scientists argue that humans have existed on the planet), human beings went from children (with little rights or protection) to “adults” – marriage, work as young as 14. In America, up until the beginning of the 20th century (1900), children were spread out on farms and small rural villages and towns. If you had lived in 1900, you most likely would have gone to school in a one-room structure or a small church building with children as young as 5 and up to 15 years old. The boys worked on the farm during crucial harvest time so they rarely stayed in school for long. Girls married at an early age. Multiple children on the farms were crucial to survival. As our country and industry grew, the cities grew. Around 1920, the educational system developed into what we know today. Children were then classified into “elementary” “middle” and “high” schools. Instead of being married at an early age or dropping out of school to work, children stayed in school longer and therefore stayed at home longer and more went to college. Hence, the evolution of the “teen” which means “between” childhood and adulthood. So you haven’t been around all that long. We as parents make a lot of mistakes with you. Sometimes we give you too much independence, sometimes we smother you. We see you as an adult, we see you as a child. We expect too much, we don’t give you enough credit. Very frustrating and confusing, right? With continued dialogue and communication, we’ll eventually get it right – hopefully in less than 200,000 years. 


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